Your Guided Activity Plan

Decide what type of exercise or activity you would like to do to complete your exercise programme, we will suggest which exercises are most appropriate for your exercise intensity level.

Am I working at the correct intensity?

If you are using your mobile phone, the app will ask you to record your exertion level and heart rate immediately after exercise, to check that you are working at the correct level and give you feedback.  If you have an Apple Watch, you will see your exercise intensity level throughout your workout.

Exercise programmes

Walking programme

Our GPS walking programme will tell you exactly how far you have walked. The audio function will give you precise instructions about warming up and setting your pace. 


Home aerobics

Our bespoke home based aerobics exercise programmes are led by our experienced instructor Dawn and are a motivational way to meet your recommended daily exercise at home. We have 3 different aerobics videos, one at low intensity, one at moderate and the final one at high intensity.  Each has a timer function so you know exactly how much exercise you have completed and you can stop when you want to.   


Running programme

Our GPS running programme is available on our high intensity stream if you want to work a little harder, and you have a good health/fitness profile.


Cycling programme

Our GPS cycling programme has all the functions of the walking programme above, giving you a precise distance travelled along with a timer function with stop/start controls.


Gym programme

Our low, moderate and high intensity gym programmes will show you how to confidently use all of the equipment in the gym.  They will give you clear instructions on speed, intensity, incline and RPM, and you can choose to use any combination of gym equipment in a single session.


Other types of exercise


There are a range of other exercise types you can choose to do, and we make suggestions based on the exercise intensity that you should be working at:

  • Swimming (slow, moderate and fast pace)
  • Gym based exercise
  • Group exercise class e.g. aerobics (low impact, high impact)
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Golf
  • Dancing (slow, moderate and fast)
  • Tai Chi
  • Water based exercise/water aerobics
  • Recreational and competitive sport e.g. badminton, football
  • Or you can input any other type of exercise or physical activity


You can set the pace

If you are finding the exercise programme too difficult or have taken a break and would like to restart, you can either reset your plan or restart from a previous week

How to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine