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iPrescribe Exercise is a free, evidence-based iOS app which analyses your health and produces a personalised 12 week physical activity plan that gradually helps you to increase your activity levels.  The app sets the exercise intensity and duration based on the information you provide.  This can play an important role in the management of several long term health conditions which we can selectively target with the app.  It can also help those who are sedentary or at risk from developing chronic diseases to become more active, and reduce their disease risk.​

How it works


iPrescribe Exercise has been developed by chartered physiotherapists who are experts in exercise prescription.  Patient safety and care is of paramount importance.



 The app has a number of exercise options built-in.  Our timer function allows you to pause and restart your exercise when you are ready.  You can also choose to do whatever type of exercise you wish.

Chronic health conditions


We have built in exercise programmes and information for 20 of the most common long term diseases, including heart disease (cardiac rehab), diabetes, depression and cancer.  

Latest News


Read all our latest news which includes being published on the NHS Apps Library, and being named as one of the winners of GSK's global 'Transforming the Future of Self-Care Challenge'!

Our Online Community


We have a growing online community on Health Unlocked.  Connect with others who are making the change and increasing their activity levels.



Read the latest tips, advice and guidance about starting a physical activity programme from one of our expert physiotherapists.

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